Hitler Goes to CFUnited

Here’s the video that I showed at CFunited yesterday of Hitler (as a Flex developer) finding out he’s speaking at a ColdFusion conference.

A little context for those who didn’t attend my session: I was doing a demo of how to use the Adobe Open Source Media Framework that involved creating a Flex app that added subtitles to a video. The demo also showed tying in another open source library to automatically translate the subtitles into other languages (so the demo wasn’t just completely silly). Also, the demo I showed after this one was using Axiis for data visualization (hence the reference to the data viz demo in the video).

And for those of you who didn’t attend CFUnited, I assume this won’t be nearly as funny, but maybe you’ll still get a kick out of it.


17 thoughts on “Hitler Goes to CFUnited

  1. dough,

    i followed your blog in the past with great interest. i think you’re a great programer and a role model for many guys (for me at least).

    during these summer holidays i drove all over Poland. i’ve seen a lot places where a lot of bad things happened, you know what i mean? last stop was AUSCHWITZ – one of the cruelest places in the world! the visit to the concentration camp has a made a deep impression on me – till now!

    behind this background i just can’t lough about you’r post! in respect to the millions of victims of the holocaust you should think twice before making stupid jokes like that!
    sorry, but it makes me just angry that hitler gets more and more trivialized …
    allways remember what happened! and if you can’t belive it – go there and get a feeling of it: http://en.auschwitz.org.pl/h/

    jan viehweger

  2. Doug says:

    @Jan – Apologies if the video offended you, that certainly wasn’t the intention, although I was aware that it might be treading some slightly dicy ground. Just so you’re aware, this video is a huge internet phenomenon. It has been re-subtitled hundreds, if not thousands, of times. You can read about the internet meme here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downfall_(film)#Downfall_as_an_Internet_meme It’s been used to poke fun at everything from Microsoft to Hillary Clinton to the agile development process. I figured nearly everyone watching my version would have seen other versions of the video in the past. That doesn’t mean that you’re not justified in being offended, but I hope given the context it doesn’t seem like I’m deliberately trying to trivialize hitler or the holocaust.

  3. @doug – thanks for your statement.

    making jokes with/about hitler is a sensitive topic – at least in germany, where i’m from. i dont want to be a moral apostle or something like that but if you say “It’s been used to poke fun at everything from Microsoft to Hillary Clinton to the agile development process.” you imply that allmost everyone make jokes like that and theirefore its ok. in the 1930s the majority of the germans also thought its ok to eliminate jewish people. of course, my comparison is something drastically and i don’t want compare you with it! but i think it makes it clear what i mean?

    i do like programming flash and appreciate reading your blog. its a great resource for developers like me. but please don’t let me think on hitler, holocaust & co while doing coding. coding is fun not politics!

    please continue to remain unique and don’t participate on every hype …

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  5. rad_g says:

    There is no better idol than Adolf Hitler so you say? Why did you thought Hitler promoting Adobe CF is a great idea?

  6. Paul Carney says:

    Doug – While there are criticisms of your use of the video footage to make your point, I say that you did a perfect job in making the point. I, too, was laughing a lot when I first saw this.

    For those who believe that this makes trivial what Hitler and his troops did are vastly missing the point. This use of the video footage helps to show how insanely off-base and sadistic Hitler was. By making satire of his insanity, we are proving even more what a fanatic he was.

    Those of us who have studied history know that you cannot trivialize such powerful events by using this type of artistic presentation. If that was the case, any satire that has ever been done about historical atrocities would not work. It is through the use of satire that some of the strongest commentaries can be made on some espisodes of our human savagery.

  7. That was fucking beautiful, holy crap I laughed so hard…

    What makes this hilarious is that a) I do not understand German, so it’s like watching subtitles on a Kung-fu flick, which lends the serious gestures and tone an exaggerated, comical feel better than any slapstick flick; b) that a Flex developer could be so vehemently maniacal about not wanting to go to a Cold Fusion conference to the point of anticipating his downfall.

    I suppose if I understood what was being said and the seriousness of what is actually being depicted in the original version of the movie was a part of my culture, I wouldn’t have much of a sense of humour about it either. As a Canadian, I suppose the only equivalent would be, um… naw I guess there isn’t any topic in Canadian history that has not been touched by This Hour has 22 Minutes ;), sorry if that makes me a bad bad man…

    “I don’t even know what the fuck ColdFusion is! … CFCs, Cold Box, Model-Glue, what the fuck is this stuff?”


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