Sneak Peek at content from my CFUnited Presentation this Friday

CFUnited speaker badgeThis Friday, August 14, I’ll be speaking at the CFUnited conference in Virginia. My session is titled Riding Coattails to the Top: Using Open Source Flex and ActionScript Projects (yeah, I know my session titles are getting too verbose) and will be all about using the thousands of open-source Flex projects that are out there in the community. I’ll be covering projects like Axiis, Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework, computer vision libraries, and a host of other cool projects that you should know about.

I’m preparing a handful of demo applications that I’ll be showing off as examples of integrating some of the coolest open-source work out there. The goal of each example is to show how to integrate at least two open source projects together to create a sweet application. The screenshots below are from a few of the apps that I’ve been working on, just to give a little taste. If you’re going to be attending CFUnited be sure to stop by my session on Friday at 1:30.



If you’re going to be at CFUnited be sure to flag me down and say hi or find me at the bar on Friday night!


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at content from my CFUnited Presentation this Friday

  1. @Ryan – we’ll have to find sombreros and drink margaritas to prepare for the cruise. I’m arriving Thursday morning (redeye), but since I’m speaking on Friday I don’t plan on going hardcore that night, I’ve learned my lesson about partying hard the night before conference presentations. So I may grab a drink or two on Thursday night as well, but that all depends on how much last minute tweaking my presentation needs.

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