My father supports my Flex work

No joke, I just got this shirt in the mail from my dad.


Thanks Dad.


  • Pretty sweet logo, whoever designed that must be pretty much the best person in the world. Get your 360|Flex stuff here. And if you haven't registered for 360Flex, do that here.
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  • Since the next 360|Flex is fast approaching, I thought I'd post the full recording of my session at the last 360|Flex in Seattle. You can do whatever you want with this video, embed it wherever, watch it wherever, you can even download the original mp4 video file. Hopefully the embedded…
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10 thoughts on “My father supports my Flex work

  1. Your dad rocks, no contest! Btw, thanks for writing this blog. Your insight and knowledge is simpyl invaluable. Can’t wait to get to meet you at some conference or something. Thanks man!

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