MuxMaster update: download functionality removed and a new icon

I was contacted by Justin Ouellette, the creator of Muxtape, who asked that I remove the download functionality from MuxMaster. I’m torn about this issue, on one hand Muxtape is a service based on technology that makes distributing MP3s extremely easy. Justin has chosen to hide this capability because he’s appropriately scared of the consequences of having Muxtape turn into a file-swapping website. But essentially Muxtape is a massive dropbox for MP3s. On the other hand, I really do like Muxtape, and I don’t really want to be the one partly responsible for getting the site shut down.

Note that this isn’t a decision about legality (not for the legality of MuxMaster anyway) and I wasn’t coerced or threatened or anything like that. Justin just sent me an email saying he liked the app (and is cool with people making apps like this) but that the download feature endangers Muxtape. I agree, although I still don’t know whether I should feel obligated to remove the download feature.

MuxMaster icon
muxmaster_128.pngOn a lighter note, Juan Sanchez whipped up a little icon for MuxMaster, which is now included in the latest version of the application. Pretty sweet huh? Thanks Juan!

You can still download MuxMaster (Lite) without the download functionality:

This movie requires Flash Player 9.

If the above install link doesn’t work, do this:

  1. Make sure you have the AIR runtime, if you need to download it from Adobe
  2. Download and run the MuxMaster installer


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12 thoughts on “MuxMaster update: download functionality removed and a new icon

  1. Hi Doug,
    I like this app and Muxtape.
    I agree your decision. It’s good for Muxtape.

    BTW, I have a problem.
    When I have logged in muxtape.com, this app always shows my favorites as random.

    Could you select the second ul.featured for this if it has two .featured?


  2. @YungSang, ahh, sorry about that, I must have always tested the app when logged out. I’ll double check to try to fix that issue.

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