A picture of my sent email box

Recently I haven’t been blogging at all. I’ve largely fallen off the face of the earth. Take a look at my sent emails from the past week and see if you can figure out why.


I use colored labels in gmail to help easily categorize emails. The blue just means it was an email I received to my personal email address (as opposed to the green which is to a work address). The grayish means it was sent to a mailing list (I responded to one thread on the papervision list and 3 on flexcoders). The green is for work (3). And then there’s the red. The red is anything that has to do with the Flex For Dummies book that we’re wrapping up.

So if I haven’t gotten back to you I apologize. The red consumes my life. But we’re close.


4 thoughts on “A picture of my sent email box

  1. Congrats on getting close to finishing your book. It’s not a fun process, as I’m discovering while writing while it’s 80 degrees out and my bike is begging to go for a ride.

  2. Hello,

    I was just wondering how you got a picture of your email onto your site. I would like to post some emails on my website (writing workshop for Learning English) but i have no clue on how to get an image of an email on my site.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

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