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  1. It’s a Flex app, so that video was it running in Firefox. So since it’s done in Flex it can be in any browser on any platform, and there will be a desktop version (using AIR) for all platforms as well.

    [Edit: oh, I see, I think you were asking more what bigger app this is going to be used in, keep watching tileui.com, it’ll get rolled out there]

  2. James Chow says:

    Man, this is friggin AWESOME!, i can’t believe you implemented so many features already!

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  4. This is sweet!

    But it’s eating up my CPU, it keeps bumping towards 90 – 99%, so it’s not as smooth as in your video. But I’m working on an old Dell Pentium M 1.4 GHz…

  5. Hats off! Inspires me the same way flash navigations used to, but with the added pleasure of knowing that this is good clean code! This is the direction I’ve wanted to see Flex apps go!

  6. Hey Doug,
    Impressive! First thing I thought of when I saw it was that it would be something to see this app running in Jeff Han’s touchscreen project. Nice work envelope pusher looking forward to the release.

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  8. @Jeroen – yeah, get a faster computer 😛

    @Nate – it uses the Actionscript Physics Engine for collision detection. Basically it maps a 2d physics simulation to 3d space.

    @Augie – I’m going to try to integrate with as many OS actionscript projects as I can. Imagine swinging the Wii controller and knocking around tiles… 🙂

  9. dude, that’s sweet…congrats! I have always thought that BumpTop had huge potential, so it’s awesome to see you doing something similar in flash. What kind of objects are in the tiles? Are they embedded .swf files or are does each tile represent some other type of object/file?


  10. The tiles in the video are images returned from searching flickr. The app is going to allow developers to create their own modules that define how to load in tiles and what those tiles will look like. So far I’ve just got a flickr module working, but the idea is to make more modules. For example, an AIR module will allow you to drag files from your desktop and drop them into the app, a facebook module might let you load your facebook friends and pictures, etc etc

  11. @Doug – too cool man. I just found out that SAP is going to send me to Flex 360, and I noticed you will be speaking there…looking forward to seeing this in person. Also, we might have to do a follow up beer drinking session inspired by the Thirsty Bear. 🙂


  12. Valery Silaev says:

    Just awesome!

    I try mentally to replace Flickr images with playing cards…
    Doug, looks like you are writing yet another on-line poker application 🙂


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