7 thoughts on “My new project: tileUI.com

  1. Mark says:

    Dang… makes my AIR app I’ve been working (for way longer than a week) look pretty lame…

  2. Very cool! Watch the mouse movement detection with speed. It is pretty easy to lose these tiles if you drag them too fast beyond borders. I can’t wait to see more. Could make for an excellent hockey or indoor sport gaming engine.

  3. Supporting multiple selection operation in Flex, that’s something really innovative feature.

    I would love to hear more from you on the algorithm to achieve this.

    Currently, we had implemented multiple selection operation in Flex 2 like that: (link to our working demo can be disclosed offlist) we use a temporal TransformFrame frame that is drawn on the top of selected UI elements on the page, but I always suspect that temporal container populated with selected UI elements can be more effective solution…

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