tileUI Desktop demo video

Here’s a demo video of tileUI Desktop running as an AIR app. The video shows drag and drop of local files into tileUI, drag and drop photos from iPhoto, using motion detection on a webcam to take pictures, extracting contents of a zip archive and removing a subset of tiles from a stack.

Audio is kind of low, sorry about that.


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  1. Completely based off the BumpTop demo, no question about it 🙂

    But while BumpTop hasn’t seen the light of day, this one you’ll be able to play with in a few weeks.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Very cool Doug. Is there going to be an option to use this application as your Desktop? So automatically when files are downloaded to user/Desktop you can play with them right away within your app? I assume right now when you remove files your just removing them from the UI and not from the filesystem. Will there be integration with the file system at some point (copy/delete/open/etc)?

  3. @Jonathan: yeah, there will be integration with the real file system. You’re right in assuming that in the video when I remove them from the workspace it does not delete them from the actual filesystem. The option to actually delete the file will also be added. There will also be drag and drop support from the app back to your desktop, or a folder, so you can drag a group of files into a folder to copy or move them there. This is going to be particularly useful for stuff like searching for flickr images, selecting the ones you want, and then dragging them into a folder on your computer, which will download the hi-res images from flickr.

  4. Russ says:

    just like wow. i can’t think of anything more useful than the motion detector. i mean, who doesn’t want a whole lot of tiles of their own face that they can whack together?

    it’s just like, tiles *tiles* TILES!!!


    in all seriousness, nice work. =)

  5. SWEET! This is really great stuff.

    Will there be an option to turn the tile borders off so more of the shape of the icon with be revealed instead of everything being square? It would be nice to be able to have multiple “tops” for different purposes or maybe when you open a folder a semi-transparent plane shows the contents above the initial tileUI area as an option.

    For deleting items I could see a file getting torched with some of the flame component you’ve developed or some trash can goal posts to fling tiles into.

    Great work!

  6. Waoh, seriously impressive ! That + M$’s Surface and you revolutionize the desktop. Not sure if it could replace the whole file system explorer / directory, but for the desktop it would be simply great !

    One question tough : Why did you choose AIR (not only for AIR Derby ? oh maybe… ;)) ?
    This kind of application needs close interaction with OS and AIR just won’t provide that (things as simple as launching the files — did you manage to hack sthg ?)

    hats off

  7. ethan estes says:

    Doug, that is really an amazing piece of work. Inspirational, elegant, and bonus points for being on a mac. Great work on extending the original project/concept.

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  9. James says:


    Viejo, que es lo que estas fumando, dimelo !!!

    Doug, cool, what grass are you smoking,

    is great,



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  13. Kiran says:

    Hi Doug,
    It’s really a cool effect, especially the mouse movement detection, collision.

    Can you guide me out to get the logic for mouse movement? When you drag the image in the tileui, depending upon the velocity of the mouse pointer, the image stops with good easing effect. How this can be implemented? I need to implement this Action scirpt 2.0. Maybe in future, I will migrate to AS 3.0/Flex. Please send me the link, if you have any.

    Thank You.


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