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Crime Maps on the Guardian Powered by SpatialKey

I’m happy to announce a new crime mapping application I’ve been working on that just went live on the Guardian DataBlog. The app lets you compare different cities in England to see where crimes of different types are distributed. You can either compare two cities side by side, or two different crime types in the same city. So if you’ve ever wondered which areas of London have high amounts of violent crime but low amounts of burglary, now you can find out.

This custom app was built upon SpatialKey, which made cranking it out only take a matter of days (the whole thing start to finish took about 4 days).


  • Prostitution / Vehicle TheftTwo maps compare vehicle theft and prostitution. The data points are aggregated as hexagons and raised off the wall to represent the relative distribution of crime. Vehicle thefts peak in Old Town, but also occur highly throughout the city. The prostitution map is more concentrated and shows a cliff rising…
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  • Stalagmite CrimeThree panels present different views of crime in San Francisco: narcotics, prostitution, and vehicle theft. The height of each map shows the relative density of each type of crime, as if crime were elevation. The mountain peaks are exaggerated, jutting out into the viewer’s face. Drug arrests occur throughout the…
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