SpatialKey launches private beta

All of us at Universal Mind who have been hard at work on SpatialKey are incredibly proud to announce that we have begun a private beta program.

To really launch this product in style, we’ve put together this video to give an overview of the SpatialKey system. Even after watching it a dozen times I get blown away every time I watch it. Make sure to check it out in all its HD full-screen glory!

We’ve also got a whole series of videos that go into much more detail of all the different features. If you spend a few minutes watching some of those we’re betting you’ll start brainstorming ideas about how you can use SpatialKey with your own data.

This private beta period means that you fill out the form requesting access and we will be adding accounts on a first come first served basis over the next few weeks. We will add accounts as fast as we can over the following weeks and then after this private beta period we will open the system up to a full public beta, at which point anyone will be able to sign up for a trial account. SpatialKey will be a software as a service product that you’ll pay for with a monthly subscription based on your usage and data needs (pricing details will be coming very shortly, for now all accounts are a free trial with a cap of 10,000 rows per dataset).

I’ll be posting much more about SpatialKey and what you can do with the software, but until then go check it out and let us know what you think!

SpatialKey has been a long time coming and it wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic work of everyone involved. A personal thank you (in no particular order) goes out to every talented member of the SpatialKey family: Darron, Ben, Andy, Zach, Reggie, John, Tom G, Anthony, Francisco, Robert, Mike, Brandon, and Tom L.


11 thoughts on “SpatialKey launches private beta

  1. @paddy – it’s hard to really put a concrete timeline on the development of SpatialKey. I first started doing some R&D work that ended up being the basis for some of the mapping stuff back in April 2007, nearly two years ago. I posted a video of that R&D project (which was called “LaunchPad” ) back in October 2007. And since then we’ve iterated over a few completely different instances of the application while working with our early alpha testers. The current beta product has bits and pieces from all that work over the past two years, but the bulk of the application has been put together over the past 6-8 months really. Like a lot of software development, it took us A LOT of experimentation and gathering feedback from early users to actually figure out what kind of a product people wanted.

  2. Bernard says:

    Hey Doug, I was wondering how you managed to overlay your slider with the advancedDataGrid. Is the slider part of the renderer or is it overlayed on top of the grid?

    I also have to say, spatialKey is incredible, and a much better alternative than Palantir or Centrifuge.

  3. The promo video alone is pretty incredible . Kind of makes you want to drop coding and take up motion graphics ;).

    Just applied for the beta.

  4. Jake says:

    Mind if I ask who produced the video and/or what software you guys used? The app looks really great, the promo video is really incredible too. Congrats!

  5. Nathan D says:

    Congrats Doug! It looks awesome. It is great that you find time to help others learn even while working hard on a full time job. Also fun to see the my hometown Police Dept. mentioned. Keep up the good work.

  6. sandelwoods says:

    I know u f*kin rock, but the video is mind blowing – of course the product is truly innovative… I really love the way its presented thru the video… f*kin awesome! Who the hell did the video and can u share something about the score for the video… its hot just like the product!


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