FlexCamp. Miami. Friday.

UPDATE: This event has passed. For some reason this post showed up again on the Adobe aggregator. Apologies for that, don’t got to Miami on Friday unless you just want to get some sun.

If you’re in the Miami area or could use a nice weekend vacation, go check out FlexCamp Miami and get your Flex groove on Miami Vice style. The event’s got a great lineup of speakers and some pretty dope topics from Flex 4 to frameworks to robots to UX. I hear that Andy Powell’s session that’s called “How to Blow Your Mind with AIR” might actually have blow for all attendees. And word on the street is that Greg Wilson from Adobe is going to be doing the keynote in his underwear. If you’re in the area you should definitely stop by, and if you’re from out of town maybe you can grab a plane ticket for dirt cheap (stimulate that economy!) and fly in and even buy up some nice foreclosed waterfront property while you’re there. The event itself is recession-priced at a measly $30, and you can even pony up the cash at the front door when you walk in.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hurricane100 Room
BankUnited Center
University of Miami


Disclaimer: I have no actual information that suggests Andy will be dealing drugs or that Greg Wilson will be naked.


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  2. Jonas says:

    Doug if you are attending this and did not inform me, I will kick your ass the next time I see you.

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