Flex for Dummies arrived! w00t!!

I’m a published author! Holla!


Go buy your copy!


  • I went to check the Amazon page for Flex for Dummies to grab a link to the page and I noticed that the book is shipping! I just bought two copies that will be delivered by Tuesday! Go buy a copy! Buy 10! You already know Flex? Then buy it…
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  • The compiled list of code samples from our Flex for Dummies book have been posted on the dedicated Flex for Dummies page of my blog. Each chapter (other than chapters 1, 4, 19, and 20) contains source code samples, and you can browse through them all online or download the…
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  • Recently I haven't been blogging at all. I've largely fallen off the face of the earth. Take a look at my sent emails from the past week and see if you can figure out why. I use colored labels in gmail to help easily categorize emails. The blue just means…
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12 thoughts on “Flex for Dummies arrived! w00t!!

  1. Nick says:

    Congrats on completing the book!

    Think I can get a free copy for being the first to comment =)

    Lol… congrats! Definite buy for this book.

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  3. Your publisher sent me 10 copies; I’m surprised they made you buy them. :ha, ha:

    But, seriously, thanks for the free copies. At least 9 of them will go to local user groups ( cfugitives.com and ctcfug.com )

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