I just bought Flex 3 For Dummies!

I went to check the Amazon page for Flex for Dummies to grab a link to the page and I noticed that the book is shipping! I just bought two copies that will be delivered by Tuesday!


Adobe Flex 3 For Dummies

Go buy a copy! Buy 10! You already know Flex? Then buy it for the dude in the cube next to you who wants to learn!


  • I'm a published author! Holla! Go buy your copy!
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  • The compiled list of code samples from our Flex for Dummies book have been posted on the dedicated Flex for Dummies page of my blog. Each chapter (other than chapters 1, 4, 19, and 20) contains source code samples, and you can browse through them all online or download the…
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  • I'm happy to announce that together with Deepa Subramaniam I'm writing Flex 3.0 for Dummies! We've begun writing and the tentative publication timeframe is "late spring/early summer" of 2008. The book will be published by Wiley and is the first Flex book in the For Dummies series. This is our…
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4 thoughts on “I just bought Flex 3 For Dummies!

  1. Jason Harrold says:

    Yea, so I just bought a copy of your book and flex 3 pro. You did remember to put your tileUI code in there, didn’t you? 😀

    Looking forward to a read.

    Thanks Doug and congrats.

  2. Finally I just bought a copy of your books Doug. i have to buy it in Singapore for this Book cos’ they don’t have it in my Country (i’m Live in Jakarta-Indonesia). Some chapter on this book will be in our workshop Curriculum (http://www.indonesianflexcommunity.org/). Hope you’ll write a Flex book for advance user too someday. Cheers

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