I’m speaking at the Orange County Flex user group on Thur Feb 7

firefoxscreensnapz015.pngNext Thursday, Februray 7, I’ll be speaking at the Orange County Flex user group about how to use open source Flex code in your own projects. I’ll be covering how to find, download, compile, and use open source as3 libraries, and I’ll be showing off some examples of things you can make without much work by taking advantage of the code that’s already out there. Basically I’ll be talking about how to be lazy and still make cool stuff.

This is a bit of a warm up for my more in depth talk on the same topic at 360|Flex. So the folks in the OC get to be the guinea pigs a bit and help me formulate my 360 presentation. It’s going to be a good time, we’ll hang out, talk about all the cool shit that’s out there that you can use. So if you’re in the southern cali area, come on by next Thursday.

Here are all the important details:

What: OCFlex user group meeting
Date: February 7th
Time: 7pm
Location: FarHeap Solutions offices @ 2601 Main St Suite 1200 : Irvine, Ca 92614

If anyone that’s attending wants to suggest specific open-source libraries they want covered, either leave comments here or shoot me an email.


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