Full video of my 360|Flex Seattle session on Custom Flex Component Development

Since the next 360|Flex is fast approaching, I thought I’d post the full recording of my session at the last 360|Flex in Seattle. You can do whatever you want with this video, embed it wherever, watch it wherever, you can even download the original mp4 video file. Hopefully the embedded video is good enough quality to read the code on the screen, if not go ahead and download the full size version, that’s the best quality we got.

At the next 360|Flex at the end of this month in Atlanta I’ll be speaking on “Using Open Source Flex Projects”. If you’ve never been to a 360|Flex event, maybe this video will give you an idea of what they’re like. An important thing to note in this video is that there might be chunks of silence when people in the audience were speaking. I didn’t do the best job of repeating everything people said, but it wasn’t like I could just repeat questions people asked. The session was really a discussion among lots of people in the audience, and it really had a great community vibe to it, with people answering each others questions and teaching me lots of cool stuff. That’s what I love about the 360 events, it’s just a bunch of dorks hanging out and talking shop.


6 thoughts on “Full video of my 360|Flex Seattle session on Custom Flex Component Development

  1. Shemesh says:


    (it’s a pity we cant hear the people’s talk, for next time you should bring another mic)

  2. Brian Williams says:

    Thanks for posting the video. One thing I’ve run into a lot is that I’d like to subclass a component from the mx framework, and override one function (take extend TabBar and override TabBar.createNavItem for example). That works fine, but rather than call super.createNavItem, I want to call ToggleButtonBar.createNavItem (something like super.super.createNavItem) I need to do this because the TabBar.createNavItem has side-effects that I can’t undo and then it calls super.createNavItem (and I can’t just cut and paste createNavItem from ToggleButtonBar, because it uses super.createNavItem too!)

    The only thing I can think of is copying the entire TabBar class, as opposed to sub-classing it.

    I tried calling ToggleButtonBar::createNavItem and ToggleButtonBar.createNavItem – but neither of those compiled…

  3. Nate says:

    Awesome talk!

    I can’t seem to find the flex framework to sift through. Can you link me to a download please?



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