Doug.dorkiness += 3d_glasses

Here’s a screenshot of me having some fun with TileUI and 3D glasses. If you’re going to be at MAX, find me and we can all look cool together wearing 3D glasses. Attend the Papervision 3D birds of a feather session. Side note: Ben Stucki is the 3d glasses master.

Seriously, MAX is going to be ridiculous. I’m gonna get you wearing 3D glasses, flinging tiles around on a multi-touch table. This is gonna be fun.

Click the image for a larger size. You got 3d glasses?



3 thoughts on “Doug.dorkiness += 3d_glasses

  1. That looks like a fun project… 3d glasses and papervision 3d. Too bad I’m not able to make it to MAX this year. Have fun at MAX. Will you be posting a demo afterwards?

  2. God I love seeing this kind of developers… totally goes along with my mantra of creating solutions, not problems (the pragmatic way). Not to mention… uhh, yeah – my head just exploded from exposure to too much awesomeness.

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