Presenting at Lunch 2.0 at Adobe on Friday Sep 14

Come on by Adobe’s SF office this Friday from 4-6 pm for Lunch 2.0 (lunch at 4-6pm? wtf?). I’ll be showing off some cool Flex/AIR stuff (read: bouncing tilez!). I think the whole event is pretty informal, so come on by and hang out.

Side note for alcoholics: I asked if there was going to be beer and I was told there will be pizza. So I’m a little worried about the booze situation. Dear Adobe: you have set the bar very high with the past Flex events. It is now expected that we will walk in, get handed free software worth hundreds of dollars, and have all-you-can drink beer. If not, the Microsoft Silverlight Dev Camp will have drinks from 7-10 pm that same night. AND they might be taking people out for drinks after 10. I say we all walk from Adobe to the MS event after the Adobe one finishes. We can all wear Flex jackets, roll over with a hundred guys, and challenge the Silverlight devs to a street brawl. At the moment the Adobe rsvp list is 178 deep, while the MS one only has 89. We can take ’em.

All joking aside, if people actually do want to go from the Adobe event to the MS event, I might be down to walk over. I’m technology agnostic when it comes to free booze.


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