FlexLib updates: new IconLoader component, bugfixes

A new component has been added to FlexLib: IconLoader from Tobias Patton, which allows you to load .icns (Mac OSX) or .ico (Windows) icons into your Flex projects.

New component: IconLoader
The IconLoader component converts a Macintosh OS X (.icns) or Windows XP (.ico) icon file, along with its alpha mask, to a Flex 2 UIComponent.

Documentation | Example | Contributor: Tobias Patton

New component: PromptingTextArea
This is exactly like the existing PromptingTextInput in FlexLib (is that perhaps the most-used component in flexlib?). Same thing, extends TextArea and allows you to specify a prompt to be displayed when the text area is empty.

The changelog for FlexLib .2 release:

  • Added PromptingTextArea
  • Added IconLoader
  • Added case-insensitive option for Highlighter
  • fixes for issues 35, 45, 47, 50

Keep reporting bugs! I do monitor the bug list and make fixes.

Also of note is that this is the first “corporate” contribution (outside of Adobe). Tobias Patton developed the IconLoader while working for EffectiveUI. We encourage companies to contribute components to FlexLib. You’ve got to release them under the MIT license, but we give you credit on the contributors page 🙂


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