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Some clips from my 360Flex presentation

Here are a few small video clips from my 360Flex presentation. The first is my favorite moment in the presentation when I get applause for saying “God damnit, make that protected.” 🙂 And the second clip is 7 minutes of the presentation where I talk about monkey patching (or “underriding”) the core Flex framework classes. I thought this was one of the cooler parts of the talk, so I decided to post the video of that section. You can get the full video (1 hour 20 minutes) of the presentation here.

The videos are licensed under Creative Commons license, so I’m supposed to do some attribution thing. They were filmed at the 360|Flex conference that was put on by John and Tom, video work done by Bryan Zug. You can get all the videos here. Cool?


2 thoughts on “Some clips from my 360Flex presentation

  1. Douglas McCarroll says:

    Hey Doug,

    Just thought you might enjoy knowing that we be playing this video at the October meeting of the Adobe Boston User Group next Wednesday.

    If you’re in town, come on by! 🙂

    Should be up on our website soon: http://www.abug.us.


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