Compare Flex SDK version 2.0.1 with version 3

UPDATE: Well shit, turns out that posting the source of the almost-open-source-but-not-quite-yet Flex SDK is a no-no for now. I assume once the Flex 3 SDK officially goes open source this will be OK, but for now I’ve been asked by Adobe to take it down. As you say master.

I’ve set up a project using Trac (if you don’t know what trac is read here) that allows you to compare the source code of the new beta release of the Flex 3 SDK with the previous Flex SDK 2.0.1 version. This lets you browse all the changes that were made and visually see the differences. I find this very useful when trying to analyze the new release and figure out what the new additions and changes are.

Here’s a link to the main Trac website.

You can view the entire changeset from version 2.0.1 to version 3 here. (Warning: it’s pretty big so it might take a bit to load).

If anyone from Adobe doesn’t like this and wants me to take it down just let me know. I think it’s valuable for the development community, but if you’ve got a legal fever and the only remedy is to yell at me, then I’ll remove it. Email me here: doug@dougmccune.com.


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  1. Daniel Schmitz says:

    So, i like this!!

    in the mx/collections/ArrayCollection.as class has a “kill spaces”

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