9 thoughts on “Today I got Moxie!

  1. Rett says:

    Moxie is an acquired taste which I developed as a child and dearly love but it can’t be purchesed in Atlanta, where I live, because of an agreement they have with Coke. I have occasionally ordered some off the internet but that makes it really expensive with shipping. It was available in most stores where I grew up in Maine.

  2. Guy says:

    Delicious, the reaction is typical of most drinkers…even if you have the required “aquired taste”

  3. Moxie is the beverage of the gods. Every time I visit my parents I bring back a 12-pack of cans and force all my friends to drink it. My boss actually loves the stuff now.

  4. Walker says:

    I spent my summers in Maine growing up and love, LOVE the stuff. There is a specialty
    store here in Kansas City that occasionally stocks it – I readily pay the $2 or so for a bottle.

    They really suck it down up in Maine. I saw far more Moxie purchased than Coca-Cola.

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