Major FlexLib updates – 4 new components + bugfixes

I’ve just updated FlexLib and added some components from new contributors and fixed some reported bugs in the existing components. The new additions include: Text Highlighter from Tom Lee, Base64 Image from Stacy Young, and Enhanced ButtonSkin from Daniel Wabyick. Darron also added a component this morning, HorizontalAxisDataSelector. And I’ve also fixed some reported issues that people had submitted, specifically issues 1, 6, 9, 13, 24.

So a big welcome to the new contributors, Tom, Stacy, and Daniel.

Regarding the bugfixes, there were fixes for the SuperTabNavigator and Scrollable Menu controls, and enhancements to the Draggable Slider and ConvertibleTreeList. If you’re using any of those components (especially the SuperTabNavigator), I’d strongly recommend getting the new version. And if you have any bugs to report in any FlexLib components, make sure to submit bug reports. We actually read those and make changes.

Check out the new additions by downloading the FlexLib project from the google code project page. The newest distribution release, version .1.8, is available as a zipped package to download.

Here are the links to the docs and examples for the new components

Base64Image Documentation Example
EnhancedButtonSkin Documentation Example
Highlighter Documentation Example
HorizontalAxisDataSelector Documentation Example

If you’ve got components that you want to contribute then send ’em our way. Read the How to Contribute page and send in your code.


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