Animated Gif Loader Flex component updated

UPDATE: The AnimatedGifLoader component is no longer for sale.

There are some open-source alternatives to load animated gifs in Flash/Flex projects. Please see the following links:

I’ve released an update to the AnimatedGifLoader Flex component that lets you load animated gifs in Flex. This update adds much more complete support for animated gif files. If you had any trouble with using this component with an animated gif, download the newest version and try it out. Everyone who has already purchased this component has already received this update (if not please email me).

I’ve updated the API a bit, released the ASDoc documentation, and put together a small Apollo application that will let you test the component to see if it will work with the animated gifs you want to load.

And for your old school viewing pleasure, some animated gifs loaded into a Flex app:

This movie requires Flash Player 9.


6 thoughts on “Animated Gif Loader Flex component updated

  1. Dusty says:

    I always thought it was a *feature* to not have animated gif support….

    j/k… looks like good work… I’m sure I’ll end up having a client that will want users to be able to have their favorite animated avatar in the application…

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  4. martin says:

    Hi i have experience with gif in other languages and i realized that they are not time based animation.So its speed depends from the client machine.It means that in differents computers it is going to see different.Eihter more fast or more slow.
    That is anoying.i am investigating if this components solve this problem.Tell me something if you know.

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