Docking ToolBar from Adobe Flex Team added to FlexLib

The Docking ToolBar component that was released by the Adobe Flex Team has been contributed to FlexLib. This component was originally released on Adobe Exchange. The description from the Flex team:

The docking toolbar component collectively helps managing toolbars in an application.

The toolbars can be docked to the top or bottom edges or kept floating within application area. The contents within a toolbar use a flow based layout approach.

A big thank you goes to Matt Chotin at Adobe for supporting the FlexLib project and getting this contribution into the library.

Future updates to the DockingToolBar will be found in the FlexLib project, and bugs and feature requests should be logged here.

Here’s a sample showing off the Docking ToolBar component:

This movie requires Flash Player 9.


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5 thoughts on “Docking ToolBar from Adobe Flex Team added to FlexLib

  1. Roger says:

    Whoa. Sweet component! It’s so great to see really valuable components being added steadily to flexlib 🙂

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  3. Siddharth Prasad says:


    I have been going through thsi tool bar example .but there is a problem in this. if i place each dockable tool bar below another. . the size of the canvas decreases. but when i again place all the tool bar as it was in original position . the the size of the canvas still remains that. it shows a gap below..//

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