My 360Flex badge

In response to the 360Flex badge on the 360Flex blog, and the one from polyGeek, here’s my 360Flex badge.



  • Pretty sweet logo, whoever designed that must be pretty much the best person in the world. Get your 360|Flex stuff here. And if you haven't registered for 360Flex, do that here.
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  • Since the next 360|Flex is fast approaching, I thought I'd post the full recording of my session at the last 360|Flex in Seattle. You can do whatever you want with this video, embed it wherever, watch it wherever, you can even download the original mp4 video file. Hopefully the embedded…
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3 thoughts on “My 360Flex badge

  1. Very classy! but I have to say I am very disappointed. If ever there was a good time for the fire and smoke effects to really have an effect I think this would be it 🙂

  2. I think in honor of Seattle, it’s time for a new effect: Rain. 😛

    Just kidding…don’t flame me, Seattlites! I, too, was once one of you.

    BTW, August in Seattle is beautiful.

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