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Burglaries on Paper

The density of a decade of Portland burglaries is mapped using layered sheets of laser cut cardstock, producing a reverse topological map. The deeper valleys represent the highest concentrations of burglaries over a ten year period between 2004-2013.

Laser cut cardstock
15″ x 15″




  • Prostitution / Vehicle TheftTwo maps compare vehicle theft and prostitution. The data points are aggregated as hexagons and raised off the wall to represent the relative distribution of crime. Vehicle thefts peak in Old Town, but also occur highly throughout the city. The prostitution map is more concentrated and shows a cliff rising…
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  • Under the SurfaceSan Francisco is presented as a wooden box, seemingly sleek and clean. You’re invited to open the box to see what’s under the surface, revealing a map of sex offender hotspots. This map reminds us of the often invisible aspects of our cities we either can’t see or choose to…
    Tags: map, cut, laser
  • Discard the PoorCensus tracts are ranked by median family income and the poorest areas are cut out of the city and discarded. San Francisco is quickly becoming one of the most expensive cities in the world, but real world gentrification will take decades to fully push out all the poor people. With…
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