What do you do with a giant head?

You make it vacuum your floor of course.

Inspired by this fantastic piece of work by Eric Testroete, my friend and I created my very own paper craft giant head (my buddy Todd did all the hard work of the 3D modeling and texturing). Of course, once you have such an amazing giant head, you need to figure out what the hell to do with it. And so boredom on a Friday night plus a few beers plus a giant head plus a roomba equals a magical vacuuming head!

A few more pictures of the head in action:

(*not my baby)

As I figure out more shenanigans to get into with my giant head I’m sure I’ll post more ridiculous photos and videos.


7 thoughts on “What do you do with a giant head?

  1. Reggie says:

    Aww, but you look so sullen. You need a head with a big shit eating grin. Now that’s the Doug I know. 🙂

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