Flex spotted on TV

I came across a video of a segment that aired on Fox Business News about HotPads.com, which is an online housing search website (rentals, sales, etc). As I was watching the clip I noticed that beautiful little preloader we’ve all come to know and love 🙂 HotPads uses a custom map engine they developed in Flex (after porting an older Flash app).

Here’s the screenshot that caught my eye:

You can watch the full video here:

And if you haven’t checked out hotpads before, it’s pretty dope. In addition to seeing rental listings on a map, they let you see some cool heatmaps of various things like foreclosure rates, income and age levels, etc. And it’s Flex, so show some love people.

Disclaimer or whatever: The guys who founded and run hotpads are friends of mine, I even did some work for them back a few years ago. I’ve got a little investment in the company that will one day either make me rich or hopefully at least buy me a six pack of beer.


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6 thoughts on “Flex spotted on TV

  1. Being in the midst of a 2 yr search for the right home at the right price… I’ve thought about a similar application and had been surprised NONE of the mega-realtor companies have one.

    So if this helps me find the right house for the right price, not only will I buy you your six-pack of beer. It’ll be damn good beer. 😉

  2. Jason, you should check out Zillow (zillow.com). It’s not associated with any realtors, but they have a lot of the same information… including which houses are for sale.

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