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UPDATE: all the invites got used up quickly, sorry if you missed them. If I have any more SlideRocket invites in the future I’ll post about them. You can still enter your email address and the SlideRocket team will let you know when they let more people into the beta.

SlideRocketI’ve got 20 SlideRocket invites to give out. Yup, a whopping 20. Hell, after getting featured on TechCrunch today I figure these 20 are a hot commodity. To get an invite check out the presentation below (which uses SlideRocket of course).

The 20 invites are on a first come first served basis, so once they get used up they get used up. I don’t have any more so don’t email 🙂 Again, to get the invite URL you have to interact with the embedded presentation above.

I figure TechCrunch got 500 to give out, Ryan Stewart got 100, so that makes me about 4% as cool as Arrington and 20% as cool as Ryan. Hell, that’s good enough for me.

If you haven’t heard about SlideRocket, it’s the most badass online presentation tool in existence. Congrats to Mitch and the SlideRocket team on getting funded and the great press.


24 thoughts on “Get your SlideRocket invite

  1. Dude, when i asked you how many you wanted you said 10. I gave you 20 so that means I think you are 200% cooler than you do.

    Anyway, do 20 people actually read your blog??? 😛

  2. Boubalou says:

    Out of invite or bugged page… but whichever, i missed my invite 🙁

    “Welcome to the SlideRocket sign-up page!Please enter your email:

    Oops! We weren’t able to send you an email.
    Either you entered an incorrect email address or our servers got choked up.
    Please refresh the page and try again. “

  3. NiKo says:

    Got an invite thanks to you dude. The Sliderocket service is absolutely awesome. I’m just bored because I bought an iWork license yesterday, just for Keynote of course. Damn it 😉

    Thanks again.

  4. Stephane says:

    If you still got one for a little frenchy boy that saw the news late 🙂 !
    it’ll be great, Thanks in advance. 🙂 !

  5. ok im a funckin retard… after reading enefekts post i still made the mistake… reading a post is difficult when programming for 12 hours 🙂

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