More FlexLib bugfixes and updates

Yesterday I made some updates to FlexLib, mostly to sort out some bugs, a few of which I inadvertently created with the previous release. Here’s the list of issues addressed:

  • Issue 71: Drop-down tab-list fails to activate when using states with constant names
  • Issue 72: SuperTabNavigator -Close Tab-
  • Issue 76: Make TabReorderEvent Cancelable/Hookable in SuperTabNavigator
  • Issue 77: Tabbar title change does not resize Tabbar
  • Issue 78: getChildren in ButtonScrollingCanvas

The first four issues are fixes for SuperTabNavigator issues. #71 and #72 were new bugs I introduced with the .2.2 release without realizing it. My bad. This is what happens when the FlexLib QA team consists of me after about 5 beers. #76 is an added feature for the SuperTabNavigator. #77 is a bug fix for a SuperTabBar bug, and #78 is a fix for ButtonScrollingCanvas for what I guess has been a bug since that component was added.

I also managed to put a up a version .2.3 briefly that had an even better bug with ButtonScrollingCanvas that rendered that component and the SuperTabNavigator inoperable. Woopsies again. 🙂 I updated the release and the current version (.2.3.1) should have things all sorted out. There were around 250 downloads of the .2.2 release (jesus you people move fast), so if you downloaded that one, make sure to get the latest and update, that .2.3 release is whack.

There’s also a new component dropped into FlexLib, but I’ll blog about that one tomorrow since I haven’t done the writeups for the component description on the wiki pages yet. But it’s in there.

w00t. Keep reporting bugs.


3 thoughts on “More FlexLib bugfixes and updates

  1. Steve says:

    Doug – First off – I am loving the flexlib. I am a relative newcomer to flex and am having some trouble with setting the closePolicy for the SuperTabNavigator. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post these kind of inquiries, but here goes anyway. 🙂

    I have the following SuperTabNavigator:

    I am building the tabs dynamically with as like:

    private function buildFDTab():void {
    var myFDTab:fixDataTab = new fDTab();
    myFDTab.label = ‘F D’;
    myFDTab.id = ‘mainTabsFDTab’;

    So basically, when buildFDTab() is call it adds a new tab which works correctly. Most of the tabs that I add I would like the user to be able to close. However, there are 2 main tabs that should not be closeable – thus the CLOSE_NEVER above. However, I cannot get the individual tab’s closePolicy to override the SuperTabNavigator’s closePolicy.

    Hopefully this makes sense. Any help you can provide on proper use is greatly appreciated.


  2. Rit says:

    I am having the same problem. The first tab in this shouldnt show the “close icon”. Here is my code:

    var pTimeline:publicTimeline=new publicTimeline();
    var fTimeline:friendsTimeline=new friendsTimeline();


    Any ideas? Steve how did you solve it?

  3. Sri says:

    Hi Doug,

    In Button Scrolling Canvas component, the upbutton and the downbutton is listening to MOUSE ROLL OVER event for scrolling, but we need that to be listened in MOuSE CLICK event , When we changed to click event , the stage is getting null after few seconds. Any ideas to do it? Could you please help us in this regard?

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