My Favorite Blog of 2007

Was not a Flex blog at all. It was John Nack’s blog. John Nack is a Photoshop dude at Adobe. He posts frequently on tons of design topics. Sometimes he blogs about Flash experiments, sometimes typography, photography, etc etc. I’ve come across some of the most inspirational stuff by reading his blog. John posts a lot about cool data visualization stuff, which is incredibly applicable to the Flex/Flash world. His typical post includes a half dozen or so links to cool shit. I’ve never been disappointed by clicking through any of the links he posts.

John Nack's Blog

I read a ton of Flex/Flash blogs. If you write about Flex and you’re on MXNA, I read your blog. But sometimes you have to get out of the Flex bubble to get your ideas. Sometimes we get too insulated, and forget that there’s a world outside of Flex. On one level or another we’re all designers and artists when it comes to making applications. Sometimes the most influential ideas come from photographs or typeface experiments and not ActionScript code samples.

In this same vein I should really start reading some of the Microsoft blogs out there. At the moment almost all the blogs I read regularly are in the Adobe sphere of influence. But that means I miss the cool shit from the other camp. Unfortunately I just don’t have the background software knowledge to make most of the MS posts interesting. If someone wanted to put together a monthly collection of MS-related blog posts that apply to RIA design or that would be interesting to Flex devs, I’d read 🙂

Anyway, thank you John for consistently posting cool shit.


  • Pretty sweet logo, whoever designed that must be pretty much the best person in the world. Get your 360|Flex stuff here. And if you haven't registered for 360Flex, do that here.
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  • So Tom and John, the guys putting on the 360|Flex conference in Atlanta in February, asked me to make a logo/badge for the conference. The conference is in Atlanta, so they wanted me to do some kind of design like a peach. But if the peach doesn't satisfy your inner…
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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Blog of 2007

  1. Hey Doug,

    Nice point on John’s blog. I couldn’t even count all of the awesome posts he put together last year. They were always interesting and useful.

    Take it easy….


    (PS: Congrats on the full time position with UM, you’ll have to let us Flex Developers know how that goes.)

  2. Ya I hear ya. I’ve been thinking the same thing over the last few weeks; you would with CF/Flex’ers, read their blogs, etc… it’s good to have a pulse on a broader industry perspective.

    Using my.yahoo.com I recently added a ton more tech sources.

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