3D Glasses Goodness at MAX

I took some pictures of a room full of dorks rocking the 3D glasses. Awesome. Last night we had the PaperVision 3D birds of a feather session and we handed out 3D glasses to everyone for a little nerdy fun. A huge pat on the back to Ben Stucki, who couldn’t make it to MAX, for his awesome work with a) writing the code for PV3D that allows us to render things in “3D-glasses-enabled” mode, and b) for sending me a big ass box of 3d glasses to hand out during the session. I believe Ben will be blogging about how you can integrate 3D glasses support into your PV3D projects, so stay tuned on his blog for more on that.

Also, I *think* John Grden will be showing some more 3D glasses stuff at his PaperVision inspire session on Wednesday at 3pm here at MAX. So if you didn’t get a chance to try out the 3d glasses, go to his session and you can look as cool as the people in these pictures.





You’re all a bunch of dorks.


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  2. Great Post! You can pick up a pair of 3D Glasses for free at Rainbow Symphony. They will send you almost any kind of 3D ( I did not realize there were so many different kinds of glasses for different 3D applications)

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