The Air Derby entry that will never be

For various reasons, which I may or may not discuss in the future, I will not be entering TileUI into the AirDerby contest.

Good luck to everyone entering the contest. My AIR app would’ve kicked your AIR app’s ass 😛

Anyone want to just give me $100,000 so I can travel the world?

The future of TileUI is a bit up in the air, so for now watch the fun videos.


17 thoughts on “The Air Derby entry that will never be

  1. Doug, this is sad news. Anyone who has been following your coverage of the TileUI development knows how kick-ass this app (and component) is. Whatever force is in place to make you come to that decision is preventing certainly one of the most innovative and unique interfaces for Flash player to realize its full potential. I certainly hope you can continue to develop this for the web, or at least distribute the component. Your goodwill intentions, $100K aside, with the component make it deserve a much more long-lived fate.

  2. Doug, thanks for the inspiration. Seeing your work progress on this project has been amazing and energizing. And you so would have kicked ass! I hope some of you code will leak it’s way on this site!

  3. Doug,
    Its sad to know that the future of your tileUI project is in the air, even as it stands now, it is truly among the best Flash/AIR work ever done and I hope that you are able to resolve whatever hindrances that you are facing and continue development in the future

  4. Hey Doug,
    I’ve also chosen not to enter my AIR app into the AIR derby and although I may not know your reasons I think you’ve done the right thing. Your TileUI project is strong enough on itself to be successful and won’t get less attention by not competing the Adobe AIR derby.
    I do think my app would’ve kicked your app’s ass 😉

  5. Dude that sucks, I think your app rocks, I hope to see more of it in the future. Are you gonna be at MAX would love to see how you built some of it over some beers. Peace

  6. Niklas says:

    Hi Doug,

    That’s amazing what you’ve created in Flex/AIR – and it’s a shame you’re not entering it into the Derby. However, is the reason you’re not because of the BumpTop guys?

    Hope you’re able to work something out.



  7. BillyDWhite says:

    This is very sad news. TileUI rocks and I was hoping to see you dominate the competition in the Derby. Keep up the good work!

  8. Benny says:

    Hey Doug,

    Sounds like you’re being pressured by a bully. Don’t let your hard work get caught up in the red tape… I say do the derby anyways!

  9. I cannot tell if you are happy or upset at not being able to put it in the mix.
    Hope you are not giving up on the app. I would love to see it go on to big things.


  10. Jon says:

    i’m sure one of the reasons (possibly) is that the BumpTop desktop is patent pending. Apple and a few other companies already have patents in this area (multisized desktop icons for organization, and the paradigm of using ‘stacks’ to organize content on a desktop).

    TileUI is a massive accomplishment in Flex application development, but as with any other software, it’s usage can easily cross over into patent issues.

    good luck though!

  11. I found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.

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