6 thoughts on “A little TileUI experiment with Facebook

  1. This is neat — a couple comments: a) the mouse dragging somehow doesn’t release when I think it should — I think it may be mouseout/in interactions. b) I’d have it pull all your pix (or at least the first say, 50) by defaulyt. c) Can you make a way to save the board state and publish it to your wall? That would make it a pretty neat little app. Esp if other people could fling your pix around.

  2. @Andrew – using the facebook library here: http://code.google.com/p/facebook-as3/

    @Philip – thanks for the ideas, we’ll see how much more advanced I can get. Saving the state would be awesome, even if not to your wall, at least so that the next time you load the app it launches in your last saved state. Because of the spatial nature of the app it has a hard time working well in small dimensions, so publishing it on your wall, or on your profile page, might be problematic.

    Regarding mouse release, there’s an issue if you release the mouse either outside of the app, or on the friends list on the right side. In either of those cases the tile might not release, so it will continue to follow the mouse until you click again. I’ll try to work that out a little better.

    And yeah, I’ll try to get it to auto drop in some friends just so it doesn’t start blank, that’s a good idea.

    I’m also hoping to integrate the pictures that are stored on facebook into it, so you can play with you photos in the same way.

  3. I still haven’t figured out the “right” way to do drag/dropping, but one thing I have done is to set a timer for 10x25ms, reset on each Mouse MOVE event, that kills the drag/drop when it goes off. This is long enough to let you dodge out and back in and short enough to kill most of the wonkiness. I remember last time I looked in the flex source there was a drag/drop snippet and I remember thinking “Oh, that’s something I’m not doing” — but now, haha, I don’t remember where. I think it watched for a Stage mouse leave event, but I’ll post back if I recall. Cheers.

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