Look Dad, I’m on FlexCamp TV

Ha, I just loaded up the video Adobe posted from the FlexCamp event and here’s one of the first shots I see:


Amazing. My father would be proud.

That’s Josh Tynjala on the left, me being amazingly badass in the middle, and Eddie Herrmann on the right.


  • I'll be at Adobe this Friday for the FlexCamp event. If you're there then find me and say hi (sadly no mohawk at the moment, so I'm not as easy to spot). I'll probably be one of the people drinking in the back. I don't know how the whole sessions…
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  • UPDATE: This event has passed. For some reason this post showed up again on the Adobe aggregator. Apologies for that, don't got to Miami on Friday unless you just want to get some sun. If you're in the Miami area or could use a nice weekend vacation, go check out…
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4 thoughts on “Look Dad, I’m on FlexCamp TV

  1. Dad says:

    I’d be even prouder if you’d get a job at Intelisea and arrange for me to beta test a luxury yacht.


  2. This is the kind of job advice my father gives me. I’m going to be talking to a potential employer and say something like “That’s nice, but does the job come with a free yacht for my dad?”


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