I’m on the Flex Show!

The Flex ShowThe first half of my interview for the Flex Show is up online. Listen to me blabber. We go over 360Flex, FlexLib, a bunch of open source Flex libraries, and I talk about my thoughts on Flex component development.

We had some technical issues (all my fault). My mic wasn’t nearly as good as Jeff’s, which is pretty clear in the audio. And my internet connection was piss-poor, so while he could hear me just fine, I only heard bits and pieces from Jeff’s end, which made it a little difficult to have a conversation. I think Jeff edited it a bit to make it sound like we were actually talking, but often he asked a question and I waited for him to type it out before I could answer it. And to top it all off my recording program froze up before the end of the interview, so the last bit is a backup recording that Jeff thankfully made. But what else do you expect from a tech podcast? 🙂


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