Coming to FlexCamp at Adobe?

I’ll be at Adobe this Friday for the FlexCamp event. If you’re there then find me and say hi (sadly no mohawk at the moment, so I’m not as easy to spot). I’ll probably be one of the people drinking in the back. I don’t know how the whole sessions thing is going to work. I suggested a session on the FlexCamp wiki to talk about Flex community libraries (like FlexLib, Papervision, etc). So I have no idea what the deal will be in terms of these attendee-suggested sessions, but people on the wiki have shown some interest in the community library session, so if you want to come talk about all the cool libraries that are available I guess we’ll try to do that at some point in the night.

If you want to play with tileUI I’ll have a demo (both as a web-based Flex app and a desktop AIR app) you can try to throw tiles of your face all over the place.

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