Flex Effects: Watery Reflection with Fire and Smoke

I’ve been having fun playing with simulated fire, smoke, and now a water reflection effect in Flex. Here’s a screenshot. Click the screenshot, or this link, to view the effect live. I’m not putting the live swf directly here on the page because my blog’s already got a few fire effects playing, and this one’s particularly CPU intensive since it’s got 3 different effects running at once (and not only that, but the live reflection water component reflects the live fire and smoke effects).



17 thoughts on “Flex Effects: Watery Reflection with Fire and Smoke

  1. It’s a Flex component written in Actionscript 3. I’ll be releasing the source in not too long. I was too busy having fun being hypnotized by the effects, I haven’t had time to clean up the code so it’s presentable. But I’m planning on rolling the fire and water effect components into FlexLib.

  2. kranga says:

    Waaaay too cool!!!

    Is the code for this available or are you planning to make this component available?


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  4. Very nice Doug! I am finding your blogs and posts to be outstanding. Read the dummies book to get myself started and I frequently pop in to see what else you have going on. Keep it up buddy. I love the Flex community!

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