I’m a Flex Machine! (according to my business card)

I just made myself the most ridiculous business card ever. I am now officialy a Flex Machine, James Brown is rolling in his grave. If you’ve never made yourself a business card, I highly recommend it.

Here’s the card design:

Doug McCune business card

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself: “No way, that’s just a joke, you’d be insane to actually make that card and give it to anyone.” You underestimate my ridiculousness.


So find me at 360Flex and take some of these off my hands. And I openly challenge anyone to show me a more ridiculous Web 2.0 business card.


5 thoughts on “I’m a Flex Machine! (according to my business card)

  1. oz says:

    I love it. Ass-smackin’ great card!!!

    We’ll trade. Mine is a contender in the ludicrously ridiculous category.

  2. I just hear those words to music.

    “I’m just a flex machine, and I wont work for nobody but you!”

    Ps. I believe that card is a perfect description of you. Thanks for all the great components.

  3. The cards are great they have all the flavor of web 2.0 it would take three of my web 1.0 cards to come close. I missed you at the meet the Flex Team but not this time. Great components and projects by the way too!

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