Hey! It’s Another Flex Blog!

Yup, another blog about Adobe Flex. I’ll mostly focus on Flex work that I do, experiments, custom component development, yadda yadda. I might throw in some observations about San Francisco here and there.

About me

I’m 24 or 25, depending on when you read this. I live in the Mission District in San Francisco. I work at Stanford University (shout out to all who ride Caltrain). I’ve been working with Flex for a while now, whenever Flex 1.5 was first released. I’ve got a few mid to large size Flex projects under my belt. I like mangos. I’m pretty much the most web 2.0 person I know.


  • Pretty sweet logo, whoever designed that must be pretty much the best person in the world. Get your 360|Flex stuff here. And if you haven't registered for 360Flex, do that here.
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  • I haven't been blogging too much recently, but I thought I'd do one of those "hey, I'm alive" blog posts, and also a put the word out that y'all should come to the silvafug meeting in SF in May and to 360 Flex in Seattle whenever that is. I'll be…
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