Come to the Custom Flex Components Birds of a Feather session at MAX!

I’m part of a panel that’s running the Flex Custom Component Development birds of a feather session at MAX. We’ve got an allstar group together: Deepa Subramanian, Tony Hillerson, Chafic Kazoun, Adam Flater, and Andy McIntosh. We’re all going to be hanging out and talking about component development in Flex. But we don’t know what to talk about. We’ve got a tentative list of topics we think people might want to discuss, but we want suggestions for things to cover.

When: Monday October 1 @ 9:30 pm
Where: Room 179 A

Here’s what we’re thinking so far:

  • Invalidation/validation model
  • Application components vs. custom components
  • Performance/Memory Optimization
  • Coding Conventions (naming conventions, mostly)
  • Code Behind
  • Component development in Cairngorm
  • Underriding or Monkey Patching
  • Where to go drinking after we’re done

So come by the BOF session on Monday night and we’ll talk about component development. I know it’s late, but seriously, come by or we’re going to cry. Bring your questions and ideas on what you want to cover. Leave comments about what we should try to cover or just email me directly (doug@dougmccune.com). See you there!


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  • I took some pictures of a room full of dorks rocking the 3D glasses. Awesome. Last night we had the PaperVision 3D birds of a feather session and we handed out 3D glasses to everyone for a little nerdy fun. A huge pat on the back to Ben Stucki, who…
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  • Ely Greenfield's session at MAX was, in my opinion, the best session of the conference... although I didn't really attend many sessions at the conference (with so many people walking around who has time to sit in sessions?). But Ely's was frickin' awesome. Video recordings of his presentation in Barcelona…
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