Analyze your ActionScript code with this Apollo app

This is a little Apollo app I whipped up so I could analyze the Flex SDK source code. It analyzes actionscript code and produces some basic stats: number of files, breakdown of lines of code (comments versus whitespace versus real code), and it counts functions and variables. Not really useful for anything in real life, I was just curious how large the Flex SDK was, so I wanted a way to figure that out.

When it first loads it tries to locate the location of the Flex SDK source if it can find it on your computer. You can change that to scan whatever directory you want. Be aware it’s going to recursively loop over every subdirectory, and it you set it to scan your root folder it might hang for a while.

Oh, and a secret note: if you drag the bottom right corner of the app you can resize it.

So some stats just for fun:

Flex SDK: 287,661 lines of code
FlexLib: 17,885 lines of code
This Apollo app: 1,018 lines of code

Download the .air file here to install the Apollo app.

Some screenshots: