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My Data Visualization Presentation from RIAdventure (full video and slides)

On the RIAdventure conference I gave a presentation about the past, present, and future of data visualization as I see it (fun side note: RIAdventure is the only conference I can say I “went on”). Luckily, the organizers filmed the entire thing, and we now have the video of the whole presentation that you can watch. This presentation covered a brief history of the field of data visualization, with the focus on the invention (in the not too distant past) of many data visualization techniques we take for granted. The point of the historical exercise was to point out that new opportunities with new data that we have before us present new opportunities for invention. I talked about new trends I see emerging in the data itself (massive datasets, city data, you life data, stream data) and what those trends mean for us as data visualization software engineers (I also argue that everyone will be a “data viz” engineer to some degree in the future).

I hope you enjoy the presentation, it was a lot of fun to create and to present. I learned a ton from the research and it was exciting thinking about the future of the field. Below is the full video (low resolution streaming from vimeo, or you can find higher resolution streaming form screencast here, or you can even download the full video file). Also embedded below are the slides that go along with the presentation, and you can always download the slides as a PDF.

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2 thoughts on “My Data Visualization Presentation from RIAdventure (full video and slides)

  1. Thank you for the presentation. I am researching for new and more interesting ways to present to end users, the data I collect for the marketing of real estate. Your talk has helped me think of the presentation of data in new ways.

  2. Doug, great presentation and it was even better in person. I’ve got some Data Vizzzizzaition work coming through as well as a presentation I’m working on for my flash team, so I can’t thank you enough for the work your putting in. Look for an email, I have a few questions to throw at ya.

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