360|Flex Badge to make Lil John Proud

So Tom and John, the guys putting on the 360|Flex conference in Atlanta in February, asked me to make a logo/badge for the conference. The conference is in Atlanta, so they wanted me to do some kind of design like a peach. But if the peach doesn’t satisfy your inner bling bling pimp, here’s a real ATL badge.

360Flex ATL

Cha-ching! I’m getting this on a t-shirt and I’m getting a bedazzler and putting rhinestones all over it. It’s gonna be hot.

If you want to use this badge on your blog or wherever, you can download a zip file here that contains the badge in various sizes. Here’s a version at 150px wide that might be good for a blog sidebar.


10 thoughts on “360|Flex Badge to make Lil John Proud

  1. Lil Jon says:

    Not to mention that the conference is right down the road from Magic City. If you don’t know what that is, then you just don’t know.

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