Flex 3 better come with a free BJ

Sexy Flexy Seriously now, Ted Patrick claims the beta release of Flex 3 will be “the beta of the single best release of Flex yet” and will include “‘game changing’ platform capabilities.” And I guess Ryan Stewart has embraced his new Adobe status and is pimping the upcoming release as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and all, but it seems like the PR machines are working a little too hard here. I can’t read a blog entry anymore without it being about either:

  • how Flex 3 is going to do my dishes and get me a beer from the fridge
  • the ground-breaking ColdFusion beta that I can’t live without
  • why Silverlight sucks and how MS wants to buy the world
  • Google and Adobe making sweet love with Google Gears

I’ll hold my judgment on Moxie until I hear what Flex 3 will actually contain, but it better be some seriously good shit or I’m going to be disappointed. Like, my world better be rocked… and rocked hard. If I don’t have to change my underwear after I read about Flex 3 then it’s a major letdown.


10 thoughts on “Flex 3 better come with a free BJ

  1. I can safely say what I’ve seen presented on Moxie as a sneak peek at Adobe Live Amsterdam was seriously impressive — its hard not to get excited by it and look forward to more info from Ted.

  2. Besides the extremely amusing title of your post, isn’t your point just a testament to how well Flex 2 has been received? Flex has such a following these days (such as yourself) that even fixing day-to-day annoyances in FB, the component set, etc will be very helpful. Throw in a few new features and you’ve got something worth promoting. All I’m saying is don’t forget how the Flash community has always been extremely vocal.

  3. haha, i just love how down to earth this post is. Amen to that. I agree that Flex3 is exciting stuff but I also can’t help but feel some are about to blow up with a little over the top excitedness. I also agree on your comments about other vendors.

    “Flex3 – not just a spade, but a spade with the most amazing, magical, fantastic, fragolistic, fantazmagorical features EVER!”

  4. Heh, that graphic is hilarious. The Flex 3 stuff will be cool, but I’m more excited about the other stuff that we get to tell you next week. That’s the stuff I think will have the widest impact. Stay tuned 🙂


  5. barry.b says:

    I’ve no doubt that the SDK components will be seriously cool. But that IDE….

    While it’s not perfect, Visual Studio still has a lot of features and finishing-off points going for it. The next version of Flexbuilder needs to have more than a better search and replace (heck, even Dreamweavers’ is better). But I have my doubts that the underlying Eclipse platform can actually cut it.

    wait and see, I suppose…

  6. I Love It!!!

    There saying, Profiler, Refactoring and Open Sourcing.
    Personally if i get that i couldnt give a f*** about a bj 😉

  7. If it does come with a bj, i may weigh up defecting back to the Adobe partyline..

    BJ = BlackJack right? 😛

    I found this insightful, useful and worthy of a thumbs up.. so thumbs up..

    Scott / Microsoft.

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