360Flex session list sneak peak released

360Flex A preview of the session list has been posted on the 360Flex blog. I’m doing a presentation on “custom flex component development.” I think I’ll have to snazz up that title a bit before game day.

Looking over the list, I’m excited for the “User Experiences Using Alternate Navigation and Command Gestures” talk by Tony Hillerson. Tony’s involved in the Artemis project, so I’m guessing that session’s going to include sweet demos of using the Wiimote. I love the title of Matt Chotin‘s talk. I’m sure the Buzzword presentation by David Coletta will be packed. And if you didn’t see Mansour Raad‘s presentation about what ESRI’s doing with Flex mapping components, definitely go check that out, that was one of my favorite sessions from 360Flex in San Jose.


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