My RSS Reader featured in 360Flex keynote! Here’s the newest version with smoke

This morning was the kickoff of the 360Flex conference. I got an email last night from Mark Anders from Adobe who was giving the keynote letting me know that he was going to show the RSS Flex app I made during the keynote. SWEET! I was excited to see it up on the big screen this morning.

Here’s a photo of Mark presenting the RSS reader:
360Flex Keynote

Be sure to check out the 360Flex photo stream on flickr for more pictures from the conference.

He got to show off the newest version I updated a bit. I added the colored smoke effect last night. And during the day today I made a slight change to the rotation effect. It now rotates either left or right, depending on if you click an icon to the left or right of the currently selected icon (thanks to Alex Uhlmann for this suggestion). And it defaults to load the Flex category when it first loads, because we all know that’s the most important category.

View the newest version here.

The whole day overall was awesome, thanks a million to Tom Ortega for getting this whole thing together. I enjoyed the sessions today, but even more I enjoyed meeting a lot of the people I’ve only known through blogs or email. I got to pass out a bunch of my ridiculous business cards. If you haven’t said hello, find me at the conference over the next two days. I still don’t have any challengers to show me a more ridiculous Web 2.0 business card, so I’m going to claim the title until someone steps up to the plate and hands me something utterly ridiculous.


6 thoughts on “My RSS Reader featured in 360Flex keynote! Here’s the newest version with smoke

  1. Doug —

    I’ve noticed that if you pull your network connection after loading the app, then click on every icon in the fisheye, you get a group of very over-excited adobe products that just don’t quit. I think you should make this a fully supported feature 😉

  2. Glad you were finally able to make it done south.

    Don’t forget John Wilker and Ted Patrick! They’re the other 2/3 of this conference madness. =)

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  4. Deepa Subramaniam says:

    Doug – Nice seeing you at 360Flex. Ill be sure to ask you if you went to Cal again at Apollo Camp =)

  5. dan j says:


    Beautifully done…will you be posting the source at some point (so we can all look as smart as you)?


  6. Yes, source will certainly be posted. I want to clean up the smoke effect a bit and get that into FlexLib, and then I just need to polish the RSS reader code a tiny bit. Within 2 weeks is the timeframe I’ll try to stick to.

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