Writing Flex for Dummies!

I’m happy to announce that together with Deepa Subramaniam I’m writing Flex 3.0 for Dummies! We’ve begun writing and the tentative publication timeframe is “late spring/early summer” of 2008. The book will be published by Wiley and is the first Flex book in the For Dummies series. This is our first full-length book writing experience, and I’m both excited and nervous to take on the project. As things progress I’ll try to document the writing process here on my blog a bit. The book will be a beginner’s guide to learning Flex, and we hope it will fill an important gap in the currently available learning resources. We’re trying to make it easier than ever for new developers to jump into Flex.

For a little fun, here’s a random collection of Dummies books you can toss around:

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16 thoughts on “Writing Flex for Dummies!

  1. I already mentioned this on Deepa’s blog, but it’s worth repeating: Congrats, Im sure it will be a great book, just as long as you don’t kill each other during the process. 🙂


  2. Doug, I’d pay good money if you would set up a webcam so that we could watch you and Deepa working together. I can see it now:

    Doug: Okay, in chapter 3 we’ll cover custom component architecture.
    Deepa: What? Are you crazy? We have to cover event bubbling first!

  3. Doug, This is great news… Keep us posted on your progress and I will make sure I blog about it, espeically near it’s publish date…

    Also, THanks for the TileUI posting, I listened to your interview on the Flex.org podcast and it sounded excellent, it is nice to be able to play with it!

    All the best, Jon

  4. Congratulations Doug!! I have followed you for some time now. Very helpful examples and the Google libs is great. I have been messing around in flex for awhile and currently working in a newborn company which allows me to work with it too. I also am developing my own project as well, soon to come hopefully. Kudos to you and keep up the good Flex.

  5. Jason the Saj says:


    Need any proof readers?

    But seriously, if you need beta readers. Do let me know. I wouldn’t mind reviewing an early version of the book and providing feedback.

    And I certify that I can often be an obstinate dummy at times. 😉

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  7. JamesH says:

    o, i have the same idea with you.
    i am writing a book about Flex 3 for beginner,currently, i have finished 6 chapters.
    but i find it is so difficult for me to writing a book.
    do you mind give me a help? let’s work together.
    and please send me a email , so we can communicate each other.

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