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        The following code contained in this chapter's bundle consists of:
            Listing 3-1
                A Simple Login Form
            Figure 3-2
                Using nested containers to lay out Flex controls
            OOP Example
                Contains the Person, Employee, Boss, etc classes in the com.dummies package.
                Also included for this example is a runnable application (Employee_and_Boss_Usage_example.mxml)
                that briefly demonstrates how to use those classes.
            CustomMath static function example
                Contains the CustomMath class that defines static functions. Also included is an example
                runnable application (Custom_Math_Usage_Example.mxml) that demonstrates how to call the static methods.
            Listing 3-6
                Using MXML to Create and Lay Out Your Application
            Listing 3-7
                Using Pure ActionScript to Create and Lay Out Your Application
            Events Example #1 (Events_Button_Example_1.mxml)
                Demonstrates added a click event handler to a Button using MXML
            Events Example #2 (Events_Button_Example_2.mxml)
                Demonstrates using an ActionScript method as an event handler
            Listing 3-8
                Adding a Listener to the Change Event of a Slider Control
            Listing 3-9
                Adding a Listener with ActionScript
            Listing 3-10
                An Example to Debug Event Propagation